Geotechnical discipline assumes a fundamental role in the planning and design of offshore wind farms. Both the geotechnical characterization of the areas of intervention (often very vast and demanding to investigate) and the design of the foundation and / or anchoring systems are in fact crucial for a successful project.

Thanks to its experience in the integrated management of geognostic data and advanced numerical modeling, ENVIA is able to support its customers in the offshore wind sector through specific solutions able to adapt to the most disparate design needs. We are able, for example, to develop dedicated FEM modeling software based on the EDF-Code Aster platform that can be integrated, if necessary, within web applications or interfaced with GIS-type information systems.

Compared to commercial software products in the sector (e.g. Plaxis® MoDeTo®), our solutions are highly customizable in all process phases and are characterized by total transparency in the calculation procedures. The possibility of extending the calculation platform to CFD modeling (through the use of EDF-Code Saturne and/or OpenFOAM) and the use of HPC-compatible solution procedures also allow to manage complex problems of fluid/ seabed/structure interaction without renouncing the possibility of adapting and controlling the calculation tools with respect to specific design needs.