A careful study of the geological characters is of great value in the design and execution of new infrastructures and new plants. The ENVIA team of geologists accompanies the client from the feasibility to the realization of his projects, overseeing all aspects inherent to the territory and subsoil.


  • Bibliographic study on the geological characteristics of the territory
  • Detailed geomorphological survey of the area
  • Hydrogeological study of the site
  • Design and supervision of geotechnical investigations
  • Geological report drafting


The construction of a civil works is intrinsically linked to the geotechnical characteristics of the foundation soil. Thanks to the presence of applied geologists and geotechnical engineers, ENVIA collaborates optimally with the structural engineering by eliminating the skill gaps.


  • Processing and interpretation of geotechnical tests
  • Conversion of geotechnical logs to DIGGS and AGS standard formats
  • Geotechnical modeling of the site
  • Geotechnical verifications according to national building code
  • Geotechnical report drafting


The specialized training of its geophysical professionals and the experience gained in carrying out surveys for seismic characterization allow ENVIA to offer its partners and customers excellent quality seismic modeling services in the field of planning and civil construction.


  • Processing and interpretation of seismic surveys
  • Planning, execution and supervision of seismic surveys
  • Seismic hazard assessment
  • Local Seismic Response Analysis
  • Seismic Microzonation Studies


ENVIA’s services in the environmental sector concern management activities, but also safety and remediation interventions. ENVIA consultants are qualified referents in the environmental audit activities, in the real estate operations, in the procedures for changing the land use and in the decommissioning services.


  • Environmental characterization and site-specific risk analysis
  • Environmental remediation design
  • Environmental technical due diligence
  • Consulting on excavated soil reuse
  • Underground tanks closure and administrative follow-up
  • Waste management consultancy
  • Consultancy for environmental authorizations


The management of existing assets and the acquisition of new ones must consider natural risks carefully since often if neglected these risks can suddenly appear with significant damage and corporate costs. ENVIA offers its customers a working group with transversal and integrated skills to ensure a careful definition of geological and environmental risks.


  • Landslides and floodings risk assessment
  • Seismic hazard assessment
  • Erosion hazard assessment
  • Identification of liquefiable soils
  • Identification of swelling soils
  • Detection of natural cavities