We carry out onshore geophysical surveys to support projects for the construction of industrial plants, infrastructure, civil construction and energy production plants. We work for clients active in environmental management and decommissioning and are leaders in underground utility mapping for the world of multiutilities and telco. We operate with our own instrumentation and experienced staff with PhD in geophysics.


  • Seismics
  • Seismic Down-Hole and Cross-Hole tests
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Electromagnetic surveys
  • Geoelectrics
  • Thermic resistivity measurements

Applications: reconstruction of the stratigraphic pattern, seismic characterization, identification of cavities, definition of landslide, identification of buried anthropic structures, identification of different foundation structures, research of underground tanks, identification of buried metal objects, underground utility mapping, groundwater assessment, definition of contamination areas, study of landfills.


We offer comprehensive and up-to-date topographical survey services to give our clients a solid basis on which to develop their projects. We have staff with extensive experience of working in industrial plants, underground utilities and landfill sites. The need to collect and organize large datasets for multiple applications ranging from environmental and spatial planning to network maintenance and management, finds the optimal solution in the use of GIS tools. Envia offers the possibility to collect and map large amounts of spatial information and georeference data collected or already available to the customer.

  • Topographic surveys
  • GNSS surveys
  • 3D Laser scanning surveys
  • Aerial Drone surveys
  • Data Georeferencing
  • Cadastral updating
  • Numerical cartography and GIS
  • Development and management of Geospatial DB
  • Application development for GIS and WebGIS

Applications: existing condition survey, creation of spot height maps and digital terrain models, cadastral updates, reconfinements, creation of road sections and profiles, creation of GIS applications for data collection in the field using tablets, creation of desktop applications for geospatial data analysis and management, organization and management of geospatial DBs related to geognostic tests, environmental samples and strategic company assets.


We conduct underground utility mapping in accordance with international standards. Through the integration of active and passive localization methods and georadar technology, we provide cartographic updates of existing utilities maps and carry out new surveys for areas of any extension in urban, civil and industrial areas. Through the use of cutting-edge instrumentation and highly specialized technical personnel, our mapping service makes it possible to obtain complete maps of the underground utility network or to identify the layout of a specific network, in order to improve the design and planning of underground interventions.

  • Underground utility mapping
  • Sewer network surveying
  • Gas, electricity and water pipes locating
  • Tlc infrastructures surveying
  • Manhole surveying
  • Underground tanks detection
  • Underground investigations with GPR and EM locator
  • Electromagnetometric surveys

Applications: design of new networks, gis databases updating, new plants construction, plants revamping, environmental audit and decomissioning, drafting of drainage network plans, support to boring and digging activities.


Any consultancy in the field of geology and geotechnics cannot be separated from a correct and exhaustive stratigraphic, lithological and geological characterization. Envia can follow all the phases of a correct geognostic campaign, from the survey to the planning, from the logistics to the supervision, from the quality control to the finalisation of the work progress, keeping a constant cost control and an accurate budget optimisation.

  • Penetrometric tests
  • Rotary drilling
  • In-situ geotechnical tests
  • Laboratory geotechnical tests
  • Piezometer installation
  • Inclinometer installation
  • Survey supervision

Applications: definition of the geological and geotechnical model of the site for the design of civil works and infrastructures, characterization of the foundation soils of damaged buildings, geological-stratigraphic characterization of landslide bodies, characterization of the foundation soils of buildings to be subjected to seismic improvement.


Envia directly follows the delicate phase of soil and water sampling with its own staff to guarantee its customers maximum professionalism in all phases of environmental characterization and management. We have many years of experience in scheduling on-site activities, on-site management of supplier companies, in contradictory activities with the Authorities and in the convey of samples at certified analysis laboratories.

  • Soil sampling
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Intersticial gas sampling
  • Measurements with multiparameter probes
  • Chemical analyses

Applications: characterization of contaminated sites, environmental remediation, audits and decommissioning of industrial areas and plants, excavated earths and rocks management plans, real estate sales