The ENVIA geotechnical engineering group offers its customers complete support in the design of the geotechnical works and systems in compliance with national regulations and with consolidated experience in the use of the main international standards including: Eurocodes, ASTM/AASHTO, AS/NZS, SANS, IS.


  • Design of consolidation of landslides
  • Design of retaining works
  • Design of tie rods and soil nails
  • Design of ground improvement
  • Dewatering design
  • Design of works in loose materials, improved and reinforced (geosynthetics)
  • Construction supervision for geotechnical works
  • On site supervision and assistance to the construction superintendent for the realization of geotechnical works
  • Advanced numerical modeling (Multiphysics FEM in Code_Aster environment, DEM in YADE environment)


ENVIA is able to provide a complete service of structural design of foundation works, especially in the case of industrial plants and plants for energy production. Our clients can have a single interface in the case of projects where civil engineering only concerns the geotechnical and structural design of foundations.


  • Structural design of shallow foundations
  • Structural design of pile foundations
  • Design of vibrating machines foundations
  • Site supervision for foundations construction
  • On site supervision and assistance to the construction superintendent for the foundations works
  • Piles load tests supervision
  • Advanced numerical modeling (Multiphysics FEM in Code_Aster environment)


ENVIA’s designers are able to deal with various design aspects relating to the environmental sector, offering its customers the most appropriate technologies and keeping the economic/environmental sustainability of the intervention at the centre.


  • Design of wastewater treatment plants
  • Dimensioning of systems for the treatment of runoff rainwater
  • Design of environmental rehabilitation interventions
  • Design of contaminated soil removal operations
  • Design of in-situ treatment systems for contaminated soil and groundwater


ENVIA offers services in the design of civil hydraulics and hydraulic defence works, including feasibility studies, surveys, modelling of hydrological and hydraulic phenomena of interest, work supervision and coordination activities for safety during the design and execution of works.


  • Design of rainwater regulation systems
  • Hydraulic design of rivers restoration
  • Design of soil protection works
  • Design of underground structures for fluids lamination and storage
  • Sewer network design
  • Design of water distribution networks
  • Numerical modeling with specialized softwares (HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, SWMM)


ENVIA has been operating for years in the sector of civil infrastructure design in support of fiber optic networks, WIFI devices and video surveillance systems. Our clients are either owners or builders of networks and our commitment to them has always been to respond to their needs in a professional and sharp manner, with a strong focus on costs and times.


  • Feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design
  • Field inspections and existing physical infrastructure verification
  • Management of permitting procedure
  • Drafting of as-built documentation
  • Updating of Operators databases
  • Analysis, processing and data return on CAD and GIS platforms
  • Coding of Python plugins for QGIS/ArcGIS
  • Creation, maintenance and management of spatial databases
  • Safety coordination and supervision during design and execution